Wednesday, March 27, 2013

on the side.

I love that my kid's wake up and beg to play outside.

Jasper heads straight for the garden on the side of our house and waters our vegetables and fruit-bearing plants.

He likes to say 'I help'.

So my favorite thing right now is tending that garden with my litte Jasper helping right alongside me.

Typically within moments, we find Parker quietly joining us and tending his potato and onion garden box.

To me this is my happy place right now. 



My children love being outside too. We live on a farm and it's so relaxing to sit outside and hear no noise except... childrens laughter, geese flying over and frogs. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Many Blessings,


Just saw your ticker. Congratulations on your 10th blessing. Hope you are having a great pregnancy.

GiGi said...

My kids love outside too. Love your garden boxes!!!! Xoxo