Friday, May 24, 2013

13 & 10.

Parker and Ethan turned 13 and 10 and had a great birthday. 
My Mom brought food from one of our favorite Mexican restaurants which is about an hour away from us and their Grammy and cousins even came up to celebrate with us. 
Immediately afterwards, we all went to our Music/Drama scene and watched Parker, Ethan and Sophia in a skit. 
Ethan was hilarious playing a kid who allowed himself to be influenced by the world in order to look cool. 
In one of the final dialogues exchanges, Sophia asks Ethan what he’s doing because Mom’s been looking for him. He says to her with his really serious face that he’s trying to look cool. She says, “You look like a dork so come home.” We all had a great time.

At this point in their lives, Ethan loves to create and build things. 
He is currently working on a go-cart and has built several guns from his mini-weapons book. 
He is almost always the first to finish his school work each day and is learning to play the bass and drums. 
His Daddy says he’s almost ready to play in church. 
He’s a terrific helper around the house and hardly ever complains. 
When I need something or something done, he’s my go-to guy. He wasn’t always like that either! 
He loves milk, bread and the Son of the Baconator from Wendy’s. 
Now Parker on the other hand has been going through a massive growth spurt catapulting him to 5 ft. 8 in. tall and 150 lbs. This puts him in the 97th percentile. 
A few months back, his swim coach said that he was the biggest twelve year old he had ever seen. 
Parker is quite a reader and gobbles up books-- history, mystery, biography, apologetics... you name it. And he understands it at a level that amazes me. 
When they say that kids are like sponges, Parker fits the bill. 
I’m so glad he’s absorbing the things of God and not the world. Thank you, Jesus. 
He’s also very much into music, playing the drums for church, progressing quickly with the guitar and even starting to sing a little. 
He listens to music non-stop and will leave a radio on in every room, all while wearing his headphones. 
Speaking of wearing things-- Parker got a black and white Hurley hat for Christmas and outside of going to church, I don’t think it’s left his head for more than five minutes. 
From the time he wakes till bed time that’s his uniform. 
He even comes out of the shower with it on. Don’t ask.

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