Saturday, May 25, 2013

a pearl of great price.

On May 3rd, we celebrated Pearl’s 6th birthday. 

Ethan offered to make her pancakes for her birthday breakfast. 

Since she loves Mexican food (and most other foods for that matter), we got burritos for dinner and I made her a strawberry lemonade cake for dessert. 

A few months ago, Target had a whole bunch of Hello Kitty birthday stuff on clearance so I grabbed all of it for Pearl’s b-day. 

The napkins, the plates and tablecloth-- Pearl loved it. 

The boys, of course, hated it and claimed that their appetites would be negatively affected. 

We told them that that would be fine since there’d be more cake for us. 

Pearl is such a sweet girl, always willing to help and almost never complains. 

She loves catalogues and mail, lip gloss and feathers in her hair. 

And leggings-- all the time, everywhere, for everything. 

She loves to collect stuff which she sticks into her collection of boxes and bags. 

She really likes to take her time. 

She likes to sleep in and she’s usually the last one to finish eating at the end of any meal. 

She’s constantly doing art stuff making bracelets and necklaces, and little cut out princesses.
She loves to pick up the babies, hip hop is her favorite dance class, and she LOVES to garden with us and help cook in the kitchen.

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STL inker said...

Tell Pearl I am 67 and I love hello kitty too.