Monday, May 20, 2013


Ten days after River’s birthday, we celebrated Lincolnasaurus’ b-day.

He turned 5.

Which is always fun to me because him and Pearl are only 11 and a half months apart so they are the same age for 2 weeks every year. 

Lincoln is an ongoing project (I guess like the rest of us, since we’re all works in progress in Jesus!) who has shown some great improvements as of late. 

Maybe it’s just part of him growing out of some things and maybe we’ve helped to break some bad habits formed with the help of overly helpful siblings who picked him up every time he made a peep when he was little (this is a possible hypothesis we like to bounce around). 

The truth is-- he’s very sweet and he’s very funny. 

He plays well with his brothers and sisters. 

He is great at drawing and coloring-- he walks around with paper and pencil everywhere creating all types of monsters, dinosaurs and aliens. 

He is also pretty good at building things like legos and bionicles. 

He can be both very timid-- scared to try anything and completely reckless-- jumping off the top bunk in order to crash land on a giant wrestling match. 

He LOVES wrestling and being tickled to the point of death. 

His diet is somewhat peculiar: He only eats pasta and corn dogs with ketchup, cereal and bread. 

Of all the kids, he’s the only one who hates soda because it’s spicy; he hates the carbonation. 

As a matter of fact, almost everything is spicy to Lincoln. 

I suppose that’s the wonder and joy of all of us. We are all so multi-faceted and unique. 

I thank God for Lincoln. He is such a blessing to our family. 

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Mrs.Rabe said...

I can't believe he is 5 - I remember here when he was born. Is Ruby younger than Lincoln? Then it's Jasper and then River?

Precious family!