Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kimmy, Jamal & Tommy B.

These are the kid’s puppets for Children’s ministry. 

It all started when a brother in our church put together some really fantastic programs for our church using puppets and had our children working with him. 

They instantly were hooked and wanted these puppets for their birthdays (although Sophia’s birthday won’t be till the end of July!). 

When they arrived, they wanted Daddy to present them in a serious way after dinner. 

Each was given as a tool for ministry and saving souls and was prayed over. 

I guess this is what warms my heart the most-- that they were willing to spend some of their birthday money on a puppet for church rather than something just for themselves. 

As of this writing, this is the only present they’ve gotten; The rest of the cash is in an envelope in Daddy’s closet. 

I’ve also gotten some great scripts and cd’s for puppet skits from Creative Ministry which the kids have already used to bring the Gospel to our children’s church through the puppet ministry. 

And one more thing... some newer children who always screamed for dear life when their parents dropped them off were enthralled by the puppets and actually stayed in their class for the first time. And have remained since.

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