Tuesday, May 14, 2013

my dream clean.

Seriously-- I can’t seem to keep these posts going. 

But I’m really intent on getting back into the swing of things on my blog. 

Our home school calendar is pretty much spent and I am more than happy to be tossing this past year’s books into the recycling bin. 

One of the things that has caused me lots of stress over the years has been the cleanliness of my house. 

I mean-- we’re not pigs or anything, but it goes without saying that living in a house with 9 kids 13 and under causes one’s house to get dirty fast. 

Don’t get me wrong-- the kitchen floor gets swept three times a day and the carpets get vacuumed daily and even behind the doors gets dust-busted every morning, but it’s not enough. At least not for me... in the back of my mind, I am always thinking about what needs to be cleaned. I’ve always thought that if my house could just stay cleaned, I’d be set free...

Well, I am ashamed to say, but completely happy because my hubby has gotten me the best housekeeper in town. 

It was not only a financial decision, a peace of mind decision, but a personnel decision. 

Once my husband was able to get over the money issue, the problem was finding someone. 

Easier said than done. 

We actually hired the woman who worked at the rich guy’s house across the street figuring that if they were happy with her then she must be doing a good job. 

Unfortunately, she was a very nice lady, but only wanted to do some light house cleaning. 

It was so bad that I had to clean after she was done cleaning. 

After nicely telling her that we wouldn’t be needing her any longer, Chris and I sat down and talked about what we DID want. 

We needed someone who would be aggressive, who would not need to be told what to do and who would want to have the house sparkling by the time they left. 

To make a long story short, Chris began to get names and numbers from the kids in his classes at school. 

He said he’d go through them one by one if he had to in order to find one that I liked. 

We weren’t going to settle for mediocrity.

When a woman came over to look at the house and give us an estimate, she looked real serious and when we told her what the other house cleaner had done, she just kind of frowned. 

At this point, my heart jumped at the possibility that maybe this was the one. 

And when she arrived on cleaning day with a cleaning partner in tow I could hardly believe my eyes. 

During the time that she was here, the kids and I were in utter amazement at the things they cleaned. 

I even called Chris several times at work gushing with delight. 

Oh! My dream cleaner had been found and I will never let her go...


Tesha Papik said...

Yeaaa so happy to hear you are receiving this blessing 10 points to Chris. I have been having Haveta come once a month and oh the difference it make:)

Vivian said...

great idea, i have heard from many women how freeing this makes their lives.
living in small spaces leaves little room for messes ha ha!!

Piece-of-Cake Parent said...