Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a day at the tide pools.

This is is going to be a two part post because my hubby took the best pictures on our Spring break trip to visit the tide pools at a nearby beach. 

The kids, Chris and I love going there.  

I thought that so many of the pictures were just beautiful and so perfectly captured our day that I couldn't narrow them down to only a few for a post.

We spent the latter part of the morning until after lunch stepping across seaweed and barnacle covered rocks, getting wet sand between our toes and exploring the wonders of Creation. 

Honestly, these kinds of days are my favorite; When I find the most contentment and peace. 

Watching my children discover, learn and be joyful.  

The day started out overcast and chilly, but the sun eventually broke through and it turned out to be warm and sunny. 

We really are fortunate to live where we do and to be able to regularly enjoy these kinds of days. 


Leanne said...

Hmmm...being a native Southern Californian and living three miles from the beach in my childhood, I think I know where these pics were taken, and I haven't been there since probably 4th or 5th grade! We don't have anything remotely like this near us!

The pictures are beautiful, they really are. There's so much expressed in the photos. Contentment. Joy. Peace. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I look forward to seeing more.

And thanks for sharing your wonderful day!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Those are the best kind of days!