Friday, May 17, 2013

to finish off the day.

Running and rocks, giant hills and holes, sand and sea, and wind and waves. 

What a wonderful day we had. 

To top it all off-- we stopped along the road for a brief excursion. 

There's a giant sand hill that the kids have wanted to climb since they were little and today was to be the day that they would conquer it. 

Chris even brought a plastic sled for snow to see if they could get a ride out of it (It really didn't work very well at all.). 

The oldest five went up pretty high and attempted to slide down. 

When they realized that it wasn't going to work, they ran and stumbled and tumbled down until they reached the bottom. 

It really wasn't all that great-- it was just one of those things that they had to get out of their system. 

I guess the trendy way to say it is: It was something on the bucket list.

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