Wednesday, May 22, 2013

we heart campfires.

Warmer weather means camp fires and camp fires mean Daddy's scary stories. 

And scary stories mean toasted marshmallows. 

And marshmallows mean sticky fingers and faces....

By the time Daddy had put River to bed and finally came back out to join us, there wasn't a marshmallow left. 

I gave the kids both bags and let them go at it which is very non-typical of me. 

But the kids loved it. 

I was the marshmallow Queen.

I even had one stuck underneath my shoe.

The kids think Daddy tells the best stories-- they even had him continue a story about werewolves... from LAST summer. 

They remembered all the details so he could begin again where he had left off. 

This time he kept them hanging again, finishing this particular night's chapter with "To be continued..."  

The kids were soooo mad!

1 comment:

Vivian said...

there never will be enough marshmallows! my grandchildren love to have a fire and toast them too!