Monday, June 10, 2013

a hodgepodge.

Saturday-- Chris and I went shopping in the Carter's outlet store. Walking among the racks of baby girl clothes put me into a state of pure bliss. I realized she’s coming real soon.

Last night-- I had a dream she was born 4 days before Bible conference.

Chris and I have perfected our conference packing routine (after 10 years!) which has made packing for 9 kids {13 years old and under} a no stress event.

My due date on my latest ultrasound was July 8th. 5 days earlier than my original due date. Oh oh...

Our park outreach was amazing-- lots of kids were excited and having a fun time while awesome people in our church talked to parents, testified on the microphone and our family friend Glen did a few of his raps.

To say the least-- my body is at the end and I am finally feeling the full effect of my pregnacny.

I've told Chris a dozen times how excited I am for him to open his Father's Day presents. I am definitely more excited about it than he is. I was done shopping for him two weeks ago.

The kid's have a really fabulous surprise for him.

Today-- my four oldest had a dentist appointment. No cavities.

River's hair makes him look like Frodo.

Chris and I went on a date to Walmart. Anytime with my man is special.

I am addicted to Special K cereal with strawberries.

I had my 35 week baby appointment. All is well and healthy.

Jasper decided to apply sunscreen on himself today. Including using it as a gel to style his hair. I really couldn’t care except that stuff is expensive.

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Leanne said...

Sigh.....I can totally identify with the bliss of walking through racks of tiny baby clothes!! I can't WAIT to get to do it myself! Did you find some darling things for your little pink baby??

I do hope and pray that this year's Bible conference is refreshing and renewing for you, and that God would open the eyes of your family and show you new and wondrous things!

Hang in there, you're almost done!!