Tuesday, June 11, 2013

conference cuts.

I’ve let the kid’s hair get a little heavy knowing that I wanted to get them haircuts right before conference. 

Like I said, River was looking like Frodo which actually looked very cute.

He proved himself to be a little man and didn’t cry at all until the lady pulled out the electric trimmers right at the very end. 

Ruby’s hair also had never been cut in her entire life and was desperately needing a trim, so I decided to go for a short, fun Summer look.

She loves it and Sophia thinks Ruby is her doll now.

Brushing, styling and re-brushing Ruby’s cute little do.
I love seeing my little girls enjoying being little sisters.


Leanne said...

Oh my gracious sakes.....


I just can't tell you how sweet those little girls are!

And I can't tell you how promising and awesome those boys are!

I love new haircuts on my babies!

Vivian said...

they will be the most cute/handsome kids there!!