Tuesday, June 4, 2013

baby update.

Once again my pregnancy has been uneventful in a good way.

I told my nice Doctor who has delivered my last 5 babies { My husband who is a high school math teacher tells me that the chances of this happening are around 1 out of 250,000 because there is a pool of about 12 doctors potentially on call } that this has been one of the easiest.

My husband reminded me that I say that every year.

I mean every time.

At this point, I’m ignoring the whole pain during childbirth part of this-- specifically the ending where the baby comes out.

So far, I am successfully not panicking and not focusing on it.

Trusting God to come through like He always has.

The housekeeper is still very wonderful.

Her almost weekly visits have kept my crazy-about-to-give-birth-house-has-to-be-cleaner-don’t-drop-a-crumb-on-the-floor syndrome at bay.

Which has been an unexpected blessing to my kids and husband.

Everything else has come together as well... I finally picked out the cutest monogrammed gown for our new little sweetie to come home in.

I have adorable hospital slippers which I found about three months ago and have been saving them for my delivery.

And I bought my hospital pajamas last night at Ross.

We’ve basically had her named picked out through the whole pregnancy.

It is so cute to me.

My husband picked out her middle name. And I love it!

Tomorrow I think I'm going to write a post about the famous question I’ve been hearing repeatedly:

Are you going to have anymore after this?


Kelli said...

You look so cute! I loved being pregnant...

Sue McGrath said...

I'm so excited for you!! I'm having a break between babies and reading about your adventure is keeping me sane :) Cheers Sue

Vivian said...

thank you for the update about "you" I love your kids but i also love hearing about you and of course the progress of your church.
praying for you to have an easy delivery.

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

SO cute! Best wishes!!!