Wednesday, June 5, 2013

after baby ten?

I am sure that having nine children with number ten on the way has a tendency to make people curious as to whether or not we plan on having anymore after this one. 

My answer is: “Why not?” 

Why would we change what we’re doing now that we have ten children? 

Why didn’t we change our strategy after two or six? 

Our so-called ‘family planning’ is based on trusting God to know better than us regarding how many children we should or should not have. 

Our faith is in God with respect to our church, home, finances, health and so on. 

If we trust Him in all these areas, then why would we not keep the same faith for our family size? 

Especially since we’ve been blessed countless times with each baby we have welcomed into our lives. 

Since the day we were married, we have never done anything to prevent pregnancy and plan to continue this after our new little baby girl is born. 

We know that God knows best when it’s the right time to bring a child into the world-- not us. 

We love our ten little children and would be happy whatever God chooses for us after this little one is born.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Very well said, Wendy!

I find that most people do not want more children, because the one/ones that they have are undisciplined and the parents do not enjoy having tyrannical children.

When children are under control family life is a joy!

God bless!

Vivian said...

trusting God seems to be an issue with many people. I agree, he opened Sarah womb after 90 plus years...could He not close yours when the time comes???

Cheryl said...

This question always makes me smile! The implication is "Surely you must be done after ten children, because ELEVEN would be WAY too many!" *giggle.

I agree with Mrs. Rabe...when parents of unruly children try to imagine adding even one more to their wild brood, they cannot fathom why anyone would purposely inflict that kind of torture on themselves. I remember thinking that way when my own children were out of control.

Leanne said...


I couldn't have said it better myself. This post is exactly our thoughts. And it was a gentle, kind, concise response. That's what I loved the most. At times it can be very difficult to respond in a loving manner to the really rude people, and I loved that you did that successfully here!!

I loved your last post too, on your baby update.

Is that you in the picture? If so, can you please tell where you got that dress you're wearing? I love it. I must know where you got it!!!

Have I ever said how much I enjoy your blog?? It's so refreshing and such a reaffirmation to me when I visit your blog!!

Elena LaVictoire said...

My great grandma had 10. The extended the family of grand kids, great grand kids and great grat grand kids is truly awesome. Every year we go to my family reunion and I feel so blessed to have had all of these wonderful aunts, uncles and cousins in my life - all because my great grandparents were so open to new life!

Wendy Garrett said...

Our family feels the same way. Our children can't wait until we are expecting #6 :)

Joel Durham said...

Have you thought about foster parenting? There are a lot of children born into this world that need help and could really use some great parents!