Saturday, June 8, 2013

check out the band-aids.

The other day Lincoln had to go to the doctor for his five year old check-up. 

This is the one where they give the kids all their kindergarten shots-- four different ones all in a row. 

Since Lincoln has not been known in our family as one who handles pain well, I decided that his Daddy would be best for this kind of adventure. 

From his early years, little Linky has been a screamer. 

Shrieking and becoming hysterical for a variety of reasons ranging from someone taking his turn on the swing to falling off his bike. 

I did not want to be there when Lincoln lost it in the doctor’s office.

His appointment was at 3:30 pm so I had him showered and squeaky clean for his Daddy to swoop in from school and take him to his appointment. 

Chris said that he’d never seen him so excited and he laughed and skipped the whole time into the elevator and down the corridors to the doctor. 

His exam went great and when it came time for all his immunizations, Daddy told him not to look and when the nurse stuck him, all he said was, “Oww. Oww.” 

No tears. 

He just kind of laughed it off-- almost cried, but no tears and maintained his composure.

Wow. I guess our little boy is growing up.

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