Thursday, June 6, 2013

the end of the day.

Today has been a long day. 

I decided to hop on the treadmill in my pajamas and sneakers this morning and listen to my husband’s sermon from last night online. 

As I walked, I could hear some hammering coming from the  the neighbor’s yard, but didn’t think much of it until I noticed two men working on the second floor deck. 

Suddenly, horror filled my heart-- If I could see them, then they must be able to see me. 

I quickly ran in the house and told the kids my surprise and changed into some modest work-out clothes. 

Later in the day, after Chris came home from work, we all went on outreach into the neighborhood where we’re having our park outreach this Saturday. 

It is a sad, forgotten neighborhood oppressed by drugs, poverty and gangs. 

Ethan felt bad because the neighborhood was so dirty. 

I told him that it’s because of places like this that we left our hometown to pioneer a church here. 

That God can build his church and people from a place like this. 

We split up and I watched my two oldest boys go door to door and invite people out this weekend. 

Chris had such a great testimony of a woman telling him that nothing like this has been done in that neighborhood for a very long time. 

Pray for us that God would move in a big way and precious souls would be brought into His Kingdom this weekend.


Vivian said...

praying for God to use you all! pray for me too. Tuesday I am having an open door bible study for the non-churched ladies in my neighborhood.

Jeannie said...