Saturday, July 20, 2013


One of Sophia and Pearl's most favorite times of the year is the end of June when their annual dance recital takes place.

Every dance class is structured toward this time of year.

All their hard work and endless dance classes all come down to this.

We spend the entire day, morning to evening, doing stage make-up, costume changes and driving in between shows. And shouting "Bravo!" of course.

Sophia preformed in five different routines and had an assistant assigned to her for costume changes.

And Pearl did her first hip hop preformance.

It was absolutely wonderful.

I am so proud of my girls.

Daddy got to be their chaffeur/personal assistant for the first trip to the preforming arts center--  the girls thought it was great.

And next fall, even Ruby gets to join in the fun.

She can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Your girls are beautiful!!

Sara x said...

I got to watch my daughter perform today too. It is such a gift to watch them do something they love. Well worth the expense whatever my husband says ha ha