Friday, July 19, 2013

buying some fireworks.

Before Tallulah was born, and right before the 4th of July, we took a little trip to have a picnic and buy fireworks in a nearby town.

It is a family tradition which we have been doing for years.

Daddy is really the one behind this yearly trip.

One thing he does in attempting to bribe me to participate is that he gets me a maple oat scone and a vanilla latte from Starbucks as a little treat.

For about a week preceding the 4th, they allow the local non-profit organizations to set up booths along the town's main road. All the booths are the same and they all sell the same stuff.

We usually buy our goodies from the Search and Rescue booth to support them.

Of course, they have fireworks packages up to $500, but we usually only end up spending about $65 - $70.

While we're there, we head over to the old downtown area where there's a historic train depot.

This is where Daddy pulls out the cooler with all the snacks and drinks he's packed and we spend some time exploring the train yard with the kids climbing on as many of them as they can.

This year, since I was about ready to burst with Tallulah, we didn't stay that long, but nonetheless, by the time we headed for home, our car was buzzing with excitement regarding the day's events and our holiday purchases.

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