Thursday, July 25, 2013

cheap old fun.

To have a little bit of fun around here,
all you need are your forever friends
Who are they?
They're the ones that God gives you--
Your brothers and sisters
Oh-- And a wagon that can pull you around the backyard
as fast as your 13 year old brother can push it
Sitting outside with my favorite person in the world {Hubby}
on a sunny afternoon sipping our cold drinks
Him-- a large, iced tea {way too diluted for my liking}
And me-- a chilly, super sweet, strawberry lemonade
And our oldest with his iced tea thinking he's really cool
hanging out with the big people
and our 2 sneaky little friends stealing sips on the side
with me pretending not to see
makes me smile
and know how blessed we are


Tesha Papik said...

Such a blessing to have so many "forever friends":) I love the new gadget for what you are reading, it's so nice to get book suggestions!

Kelli said...

I love these pictures! Yes brothers and sisters are friends for friends. I always tell my kiddos the same thing you will have friends, good friends but they will come and go. You will always have each other though.

I love good old fashion fun like your little ones are having.

Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

I love this. Totally our family too!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry my comment was short earlier due to phone acting up:)

I want to say Congrats on new baby girl!!! I have 4 children ages 7.5yrs,5.5yrs,2.5yrs and 16 months!

We also homeschool!

Our kids have the same We are always outside playing. My son sets up a "construction site" and put out cones and digs and plays with extra bricks from when they built our home. We have a pretty good size wooden playlet that has 4 swings, 2 slides, 2 towers etc..They spend hours making up games and adventures. I just love that we have raised our children knowing how to open end play.

We don't use video games or alot of TV in our house. Unfortunately we are not the "norm". Days can go by and you never see kids outside,yet see these large play structures...Sigh..:(

We also stress that they are one anthers best friends! They have their share of squabbles and special needs, but they love each other more than I have witnessed most kids in the "burbs"here who rarely interact with family let alone siblings!

We hope to adopt again in the next year. Praying if it's His will we will be Blessed with another girl as we have 3 boys 1 girl right now!
Your family is an inspiration to me!!!

God Bless you all!
PS LOVE your hubby's blog!

Charlotte Moore said...

I saw your blog on the 25 Moms with lots of kids or whatever it is called. Ha!!!

I loved the story of the PINK room. I also had my hubby paint our bedroom PINK because I just LOVE PINK. My mother said you are painting your bedroom PINK??? My hubby said it didn't bother him. Everyone that knows me very much knows my color is PINK.

We have 2 sons and 3 grandsons. 19 months ago we got our first great grand daughter. It is really PINK at my house now. All clothes and toys I buy are PINK.

Love what I have read.