Wednesday, July 24, 2013

recycle baby.

Parker and Ethan collect recycling through out the year to cash in every Summer. 

By the time they finally decide to have Daddy take them to the recycling site, my side yard has become a disaster area. 

So this past week, hubby had them bagging everything and bringing it to the front yard. 

Chris also began to throw away a bunch of junk that was over there. 

When I see space like that, my mind starts churning and I visual a kid’s playhouse and another place to plant more flowers.

This year Daddy helped the boys out by collecting bottles and cans from his classroom at school.

Even Sophia and Charlie tried to move in on the action, claiming they should get a cut since they try to collect cans at our monthly fellowship, but Parker & Ethan steal all of theirs. 

When it had all been tallied up, they got $102 and change. 

Everyone was pleased with their fair share which Chris gave them and they even tithed on their earnings. 

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