Saturday, July 6, 2013

Daddy's Day.

Because of Bible Conference, I never got around to posting about Father's Day.

We did celebrate the special day early because we were going to be out of town.

In the beginning, we planned on celebrating Chris on Friday (since we were leaving at 4am Saturday morning), but me and kids couldn't wait to shower him with our gifts so we made him open everything on the Thursday before Father's Day instead.

The kids even wrote a rap for him after his present opening.

It was so good!

It described Chris so perfectly.

Our friend Glen raps so he secretly helped the kids along with the creative process.

Each Cupcake also presented Daddy with a questionaire they had filled out that was "All About My Dad".

Even the littlest ones answered the questions.

Some of the answers were hillarious.

It's surprising what stands out to a child about their Daddy.

Makes you realize that even the littlest things you do as a parent make a huge difference in one's life growing up.

And I just want to add-- Every single day I see something in Chris that reminds me why I married him.

I know I don't tell him enough how in awe I am of him and I am more than thankful that God put us together, but it's true.

I see the blessing of being married to him everyday.

I couldn't think of anyone more perfect for me and the kids than him.

He is my hero.

And I hope my sons grow up to be just like him. 

 (a gag gift-poop soap)

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Giselle said...

Oh my, how many children do you have??? My husband and I are trying to have a baby. But is so dificult...Your family is very beautifull.
God bless you all!!!