Friday, July 5, 2013

yesterday & today.

Yesterday, we walked a few houses down our block to an Independence Day party at our friend's house.

It was a real treat to be invited over to someone else’s house and get to sit back and enjoy a bbq, games and fun. 

We did contribute by bringing my deviled eggs, baked beans, cornbread, and Chris’ version of a strawberry parfait that I got off the internet. 

Being as close to my due date as I am, I mostly sat on the sidelines watching all our competitive friends get into a balloon toss, some volleyball and Scrabble. 

At the end of the day, we walked home with the four littlest while the oldest five stayed on for some more fun and soda. 

A few of my older ones only cared about drinking as much soda as they could get into one day.

I think they were pleased with their success. 

After an hour or so of rest in my pajamas, we quickly threw on flip flops and headed out to watch the local fireworks display. 

Chris was willing to take his 9 children and very pregnant wife who is about to give birth off roading in our 15 passenger van in order to get the best view. 

I thought: “This is exactly why I married this man.” 

He even turned off the lights as we crept though the strawberry fields. 

I shrieked and Parker and Ethan laughed, making fun of his secret ops maneuvering. 

When the fireworks actually began, Jasper’s reaction was so over the top that he had me rolling to the point where I was worried that I may go into labor. 

The boy loves fireworks. 

I mean LOVES fireworks. 

Sound effects and all. 

After getting to bed a little late last night, the older ones were picked up at 6:30am and taken to boot camp a few hours away in the desert at their Uncle's church. 

I can’t wait to hear all the stories they will be bringing home.

I sure do miss them already.

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Leanne said...

MAN, here I thought that I had all of the cutest kids in America!! Lol!

Your mention of strawberry fields reminded me of when I was oh, about 8 years old and we used to go the the Strawberry Festival in Anaheim every year. I would get strawberry shortcake and I have never, ever in my life, in 32 years, tasted strawberry shortcake as good! Man, sometimes I really miss CA!

I love your posts. I always look forward to them.

Take care and I'm still praying for you!