Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ruby Jubilee turned 4.

Our 'cute as a button' Ruby turned 4 years old on July 9th-- one day after Tallulah was born--the day we brought her new sister home from the hospital.

So I did what any creative Mommy would do...I told Ruby I was bringing her home a baby for her birthday.

She was excited and delighted when I did just that.

A couple of weeks before her birthday, Chris and I bought her all the things needed to throw her a Minnie Mouse birthday.

So we were ready and planned to celebrate Ruby even with a newborn in our home.

Dear Ruby, you are a sweet delight.
You love staying with Mommy,
being next to me and always shining with a smile.
Every once in awhile you decide to act
 like you don't hear me.
But that's ok,
because all the other times you are really a good girl.
You make funny noises that make your Daddy and me laugh
 and that makes you laugh back.
Lincoln and you are either best of friends or
once in a while, at each other's throats.
But you quickly forgive and forget and off you go
playing with your rough and tumble brother
(wearing your Disney princess high heels, of course).
You have also begun to tag along more and more with
 your big sisters, watching and playing.
I feel so blessed that you are my daughter.
Your name means Excellent Spirit and I believe
 that's what you have.
By the way, you love puppies, horsies and kitties
and you love to remind us everyday about it!


Vivian said...

she is so cute! looks like Ruby had a great birthday...happy belated birthday little sweetie!!

Bobbie Hawkes said...

How sweet! I have a Ruby too, she is 7. Happy Birthday to yours.

Tesha Papik said...

What a wonderful birthday present a little sister to love! Ruby we love you and are so happy your were born four years ago!!!:)

A Godly Homemaker said...

Oh my gosh! When did she get so big?! I remember her birth annoucement like, um, yesterday!