Tuesday, July 16, 2013

tallulah and her EKG.

The first night Tallulah was born, I was alseep in the hospital when a baby nurse came in to check on her. She told me that she wanted to check a bump on Tallulah's back. I was startled and quickly became concerned-- I didn't even know she had a bump on her back. After a couple hours, another baby nurse came to check it too. Kinda like a second opinion. I knew not to ask the nurses what they thought since they really aren't allowed to 'diagnose' patients. I would have to wait for Tallulah's doctor to visit us the next morning for any of my questions. What was even worse was the fact that at 3am, I was on my phone googling 'bump on newborn's spine'. Bad idea. I went into 'something-may-be-wrong-with-my-newborn-baby' mode. I quickly laid hands on her back and prayed over her. Praying for healing and God's grace. I woke Chris up from a deep sleep, yes, he can even sleep well in a hospital Daddy chair. Asked him to pray over Tallulah too. 

The next morning, Tallulah's nice pediatrician came in and told us she had a Strawberry Hemangioma on her back and that there was no need to be concerned. He said that it may grow at first, then disperse as it is only a collection of cells that will slowly disappear. Nice. Hallelujah. I am not going to dimiss the fact that we, as Tallulah's parents prayed over her. I believe that whatever it was or is, God heard our prayers. And that is why it is nothing to be concerned about.

But we weren't through yet-- As her pediatrician listened to her heart, he heard a skip in her heartbeat. Ugh! What? The morning's baby nurse had heard it earlier too, but never mentioned it to Chris and I. Good thing. It was better to hear it from her doctor who could give us some answers. He thought it could be coming from her lower chamber (PVC) so he ordered an EKG and we waited.

A few hours later he came in with the results that the EKG only picked up one skip. He went as far as faxing her EKG to a pediatric cardiologist at Loma Linda Hospital. The cardiologist informed him that what we thought she may have wasn't the case and that insteard he thought she may have Premature Atrial Contraction which is the better of the two. With Premature Atrial Contraction you simply outgrow it. Great news!

At last Friday's check-up with her pediatrician, he was not able to hear the skipping and is ordering her one more EKG. So we wait, pray and believe in Jesus.

As her Mommy, I have peace.

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A Godly Homemaker said...

How scary! Praying this is over fast!