Thursday, September 26, 2013

Snack Lady.

Our oldest daughter, Sophia (age 9), has been nicknamed the Snack Lady.

Since we home school our children, my husband and I have found it necessary to come up with a weekly meal menu. In addition to breakfast and lunch, we've built in snack times at 10:30 am & 3:30 pm.

After the last school year, I felt that I was so busy schooling the kids that when it came time to serve my little family of 10 children that I had trouble coming up with meals and snacks that the kids would actually enjoy while still being healthy at the same time.

When I grew up, I ate cereal almost every morning and had PB&J for lunch.

Not these kids.

My hubby spoils us so much at dinner with gourmet meals that my kids think that everything which goes in their mouths must be simply delicious. We've created a monster--ugh!

Anyhow, Sophia is and has always been the child who wants to know when and what we're eating for lunch the minute she gets done eating breakfast... As if it were going to be her last meal!

When she was younger, as meal time approached, she'd always say, "I'm hungry" to either me or my husband. So Chris would reply, "Hi Hungry. Nice to meet you."

Of course, she’d throw her hands down and stomp her feet. And it's not like anyone's underfed or missing any meals around here.

This is a girl who can eat.

Obviously, every kid wants to make sure they’re going to like what’s going to be put on the table next. So being the sharp kid that she is, Sophia has gotten involved in making the decisions on what’s going to be served.

You could say that she’s become the self-appointed Snack Lady and at lunch, she is the Lunch Lady.

Everyone knows that every school has a lunch lady, so it’s fitting that our school at home has one also.

Not to mention-- she likes it too.

So what does that look like in our home?

It means that Sophia is the first one in the morning to check the menu hanging on our kitchen cabinet.

She makes note what’s on the menu for the day and when snack or meal time approaches, she takes out the food items and asks if she can help make it. She loves to cook and bake. So it’s a win-win situation.

She’s figured out that she can pick and choose what we eat as long as she’s willing to help Mommy make it.

Like I said, one smart cookie.

Honestly, right now, Sophia is loving Campbell’s tomato soup.

She actually asked if she could have it twice for lunch this past week.

Chris bought the giant size can from Smart and Final so whatever’s left, he just freezes for when he makes his famous porcupine meatballs.

So Campbell’s tomato soup is one of those musts on our lunch menu.

And Sophia makes sure of it.

So when I was asked to be part of the Wisest Kid Widget for Campbell’s soup, I knew it was a perfect fit with my family.

Mostly Sophia.

I added Sophia's Wisest Kid saying and you can add your own kid’s too.

Cause we know that sometimes really smart things come from our kiddos.


So you should hop on over and add your little genius’ saying.

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