Friday, September 20, 2013

Where did this past month go?

This past month, being a busy Mommy,
I haven't been using my camera as much as I should.
I don't know why since it isn't that hard
to stop and grab the camera.
But I don't.
So instead, I have been settling for just using my cell phone.
I don't have a fancy phone so my pictures are a
little photographically challenged.
Nonetheless, it's my family and
I still want to put them on my blog to remember.

Our Homeschool Version of Cindy Lauper

Hubby was so happy (since we're always losing them):  Walmart binky $1.29 for 2

We got sucked in-- this is what our Saturdays look like for 6 hours. Pop Warner games for our 3 oldest boys.

Two months old, smiling and making us smile!
Representing our team... Thanks, Mam!

His homeschool uniform (Ethan's favorite outfit)

Pluto returns from getting stitched up.

Darth Lincoln

Lookin' Old Skool in Papa's old shirt

Hey-- Nice Fuzz ball!

Hanging out in mommy's bed

Helping out for a friend's baby shower

Don't tell Jasper he's only 2-- too young for kindergarten.

Welcome to kindergarten.

Guerrilla Outreach: Singing and testifying outside KFC

 8th Grade Elective: Keyboarding

Different day-- Same outfit.

Face painting at the park outreach

Prepping the balloons for the park outreach

I hope that's enough to get us started

Who's the Old Man?

He really wanted a 'football' haircut... I promise

Face painting practice... Thank God for willing subjects

His coaches call him: "The Silver Torpedo"

Sheer Beauty!

The Young Servants Outreach Team

Ready for practice. This is not a staged photo. I feel bad for the other kids.

Make me a bunny with rainbow eyes!

Getting into character as "Vanilla Ice" for our church music scene


Tesha Papik said...

Yea I love the picture update!!! Oh my goodness those haircuts, to cute and the Cindy Lauper LOL. My favorite is your sweet squishy Sunshine! I have a love hate relationship with my camera also, Pictures can be so much work.

STL inker said...

love to see a few updated pictures of the baby...please!!!

Marilyn said...

I have been following your beautiful family for many years. I feel like I know you all. Love from Marilyn in Australia. xx