Monday, November 4, 2013

teach them well.

Oftentimes we don't realize the benefit of lessons taught until we see them play out in real life.

On Halloween, we set up our "Tunnel of Terror" so that we could outreach to people as they went Trick or Treating, but building it is one thing-- tearing it down and putting it away is completely another.

If it were up to me, I would just cut everything down, rip it apart and throw it all into one big pile.

But Parker was in charge of the tear down and as I watched him efficiently and meticulously fold plastic sheets up and place scary monsters into storage crates, I began to realize something: Hubby has showed him how to do this.

In all the stuff we've done before-- whether cleaning up the yard or building projects, Hubby always cleans up and makes sure things are put in their proper places. Taking time in the details is a valuable quality to possess in life.

I sure do love that man.

And my Parker too.

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