Monday, December 2, 2013

a perfect tree for me.

Sophia looks so goofy hugging the Christmas tree. 

We had a great day running some Christmas errands on Saturday. Anywhere from the Disney store to Home Depot where Santa Claus happened to be walking around. With a few other special places in between. 

I know-- we probably shouldn't have  let the kids play on the outdoor Christmas tree display, but we thought it would make a fun picture. It did. Before long, the Home Depot lady came out and scolded the kiddos and Chris and they all ran away laughing. I mean who would let their kids, and ten of them for that matter, play on something like that? Ha. 

I ended up having to stay back in the van and feed our little Tallulah Sunshine while brave Daddy took his 9 other indians to  pick out our family tree and one extra for the church. I begged for a Fraser Pine this year. And Ethan asked for a Nordmann Fir for the church. 

For the past five years, big Daddy doesn't even really look at the trees. He just grabs them wrapped up and hopes for the best. He's a real gambler. And I will truthfully say, we have never been disappointed. And our tree this year is the best one we've ever gotten in my opinion-- tall, slim, very full and symmetrical. Hallelujah!

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