Wednesday, December 4, 2013

tallulah, daddy and her sisters.

Disclaimer: The choices I make are for my family. If you don't agree, no one is making you read my blog. Thank you.

Tallulah's ears finally got earrings.

Daddy took her and his 3 other little girls for me.

{Sophia, Pearl and Ruby had their ears pierced at 6 weeks old}

The parking lot was busy from black Friday shopping so while he was brave and held Tallulah for this milestone, I was driving around the parking lot in circles with all the boys.

I didn't mind-- I thought it was cute and Daddy was happy enough to enjoy this special event with his girls.

And the result is fabulous-- Tallulah looks adorable!


Gina said...

her hair is amazing!!

Kristin B said...

I don't usually ever comment but I have noticed an abundance of the need to preface every person's post with it's my choices. And I completely agree! I find it ridiculous that if someone doesn't agree with your choices they feel compelled to inform you how awful you are. Your life, your choices, your children. I love little girls ears pierced. Our daughter chose to get her pierced at age 3. If I could go back I would have had them done when she was a baby. :)

STL inker said...

She is adorable.. good job daddy

cavamama said...

Awww, your daughters are beautiful. Your daughter Tallulah looks so adorable with her ears pierced.