Monday, June 16, 2014


For this year's dance recital, the owner of the studio wanted the students to write about what it meant to be an American. They were going to choose a few essays to be read between the dance performances. 

So Sophia wrote her essay and entered the contest. Guess what? My girl won! 

She was beyond thrilled to be chosen. I am so proud of her. This year's theme is "Dancing in the USA".

Sophia Age: 9. This is what she wrote.

I'm proud to be an American!
To be an American is a privilege because I'm blessed to be free. Free to go to whatever church I want. Free to serve God and read the Bible. I'm free to have whatever friends I want no matter what color we are. I'm free to be home schooled or go to a traditional school. My parents are free to have a large family. The Men and Women who fight for our country are brave and selfless. They have chosen to protect our country. Nobody made them, they volunteered. That is being free. I'm grateful to be an American. God bless America!


Delilah Medina said...

Awesome essay!!! You go Soso!!!

Vivian said...

great job!! she is such a beautiful person inside & out!

kay said...

AMAZING!!!! You are doing an excellent job homeschooling and it SHOWS!!! :)