Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ethan plays the bass.

Tomorrow I will be posting Ruby Jubilee’s 5th birthday. She’s a wonderful little girl who is full of smiles and humor!!

On a different note-- Chris took about an hour drive to the Abeka book display to order our materials for the upcoming school year. Sophia, Pearl, Ruby and Jasper all went with Daddy. This is unusual for our family because every year up till now, all of us have gone together. Our family motto is sort of like: If one of us is going, then we’re all going. Unless Daddy and Mommy are going on a date. This year was a big deal for Ruby since it was her first time as a student. She will be starting kindergarten this fall...

They also took a little trip to Home Depot to get dry wall and then to Party City to get ‘horsey’ stuff for Ruby’s party. {And while they were there, they did end up getting “Frozen” party decorations for Soph’s party on the 28th.}

A major milestone happened today as Ethan became the second Big to begin playing on the worship team, and the first bassist. Out of nowhere, Chris just told him, “Hey Ethan, when we get back from vacation. You’re playing bass on Wednesday nights.” Basically, it was because our bass player is going back to New York at the end of the summer. Ethan wasn’t even nervous. I am so proud of him! He has that kind of quality. If you need something done, you can count on Ethan.

And one quick thing-- I started reading my other new book: Praying Circles Around Your Children. Wow. Life changing!! Makes me think even more about my role as a Mommy and the even bigger role of God in my children’s lives.

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Tesha Papik said...

Gotta get that book, Sounds awesome! Love all these posts keep them coming;)