Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ruby Jubilee is 5!!

Ruby is now 5 and had her pony party. She is a girl who loves horsey’s. Whenever she can she’ll write in her siblings books and color in them too.

Her smiles brighten our days and her laughter is bubbly and contagious. She’s always been a funny one and we all know that she has quite a sense of humor. Mostly, it’s spontaneous because if you put her on the spot she’ll just smile and stare back at you. She just likes to make us laugh.

Her and Jasper often seem to pair up to play, but she loves being part of the sister circle. Barbie’s, dancing, lip gloss, coloring and dress up are some of her favorite activities to be part of especially when her sisters are playing.

She has her own special funny dance moves. An actress and singer at heart.

Our little Ruby is her Mommy’s best friend. Always wanting to just hang out with me.

She is a blessing of joy. Her middle name “Jubilee” is one word to describe our Rubalee.


Mrs.Rabe said...

She and Sophia look so much alike!

What a joy girl! Today is my joy girl's 12th birthday!


Vivian said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl!
your blog is so refreshing...
happy weekend!!

Tesha Papik said...

Happy Birthday Ruby!!! You are a beautiful little blessing!:)!