Saturday, July 12, 2014

ice cream before dinner.

Today we spent more than a few hours working as a family, cleaning and organizing our church. The kids helped out so much and with the best, happy hearts.

I’m not sure if they ever thought it was work with all the crazy laughing and talking they were doing. Even Tallulah and River were having a blast keeping busy.

I’m so thankful to spend time with my husband and kids first on outreach this morning for a revival coming up and then finishing the day working at the church. Some might think that we wasted our Saturday, but how blessed am I that we can do things for Jesus as a family and feel really good about it.

When we were all done, I felt like it was only fitting to announce that we all were going to get soft serve ice cream from McDonald’s. Just like God likes to bless us, I wanted to bless my kids for being fantastic! It was perfect. And really nice after a day with such warm weather.

And then we gave three cheers for Daddy and Mommy’s anniversary tomorrow. To 12 adventurous, amazing years with never-a-dull moment!!!

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