Friday, July 11, 2014


In the beginning of the month, we stopped all video games and any type of movies...and since we don’t have “tv” that wasn’t an issue.

Let me just say that some of my favorite things are watching my kids make and create things using their own ingenuity along with a little adventure.

I like to think of my home as our tiny piece of country in the city.

Ethan has been working hard to finish his go-cart he started several months ago. He also has a few other projects going including building weapons with duct tape, pvc pipe and pipe insulation.

Charlie and Lincoln are currently obsessed with playing their Halo board game. Even Ruby played with them in between her art projects and coloring.

Sophia and Pearl have been choreographing dance recital numbers and fashion shows.

Jasper and River have been busy riding their bikes and tricycles around while coloring their wheels with sidewalk chalk. And in the middle of all this, Tallulah loves just walking around the backyard grass while learning to climb on anything she can that would make her Mommy concerned.

But this past Sunday, Glen and Joshua {two brothers from our church} took Parker and Ethan to Guitar Center and Parker finally purchased a beat box that he’s been really wanting to buy. What is he going to do with it? Make beats of course.

It wasn’t so easy to download and figure out all the detailed information at first. He and his Dad spent some time doing all the important things just so he could get started. And finally he’s making beats.

So while most of the kids are creating adventures and being an outside family, Parker has been busy doing his instrumental beat box thingy. It’s still an instrument right?

And something else--  I’ve been sticking to my guns about having a daily reading time. Even though we are a reading family, I've been having all the non-nappers read books during the littles nap time. It’s been a little bit of a struggle to establish, but the kids are really starting to come on board with it.

What has this resulted in? Me needing to buy more books to add to the collection of some good reads for my kids. We are excited as the books have started arriving in the mail.


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Tesha Papik said...

How awesome that you guys are going unplugged! I often struggle with it...going cold turkey from movies then needing them for Jojo and Shayla so I can get things done;/ I have made a conscience effort since the New Year to cut back. I have to say in my opinion movies are the most effective mess prevention out there, LOL. Oh well messy house= smart kids;)