Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Seize the Summer

Yesterday Chris and I sat down and started a new tradition in our family for the Summer. {I understand that lots of people already do something like this, but it’s new for us!} 

We decided every Monday morning, the two of us would take some time to plan our family’s schedule for the week. Perhaps my biggest motivation was the fear that our summer would just slip away, that it would be wasted, so I came up with the motto “Seize the Summer”.  

Of course there’s still the regular activities like dance class and football practice, home and church projects, but it’s the kid’s Summer bucket lists that we want to make sure we get done this Summer. Whether it’s going to the library, beach, aquarium, hobby store, or swim park, we don’t want the Summer to end without crossing them off the list. 

And with a family like ours, we have to plan it or it may never get done. My husband always says that if you want something to get done, then plan a day and put it on the calendar. 

And so, after our little meeting-- which seemed like it took forever cause it was our first one-- we realized that the Abeka book display was approaching quicker than we realized. So my hubby took down several crates of books from our attic and two new crates of books my SIL had given me to go through. Wow-- it was a lot of work, but had to be done so we could walk into the display meeting knowing exactly what we needed. 

I say it every year that I must be nuts, because I always get giddy over the new {upcoming} school year. It’s the little girl in me that loves shopping for school supplies. New pencils, notebooks, erasers, markers.... My mind gets turning as to how I’m going to set up the kids class supplies.

After a long day of going through the books, taking Parker to football practice (which is a whole new post}, Ethan and Charlie to pop warner football practice and Sophia to her new level three ballet class, our trusted babysitter came over and my husband took me out for my never-too-late birthday dinner. 

You see, the kids were all sick with fevers during my birthday. And if I remember correctly so was I. And since our anniversary is on Sunday, it was now or never for my b-day dinner. 

I fought Chris all afternoon, saying that I was not going out, because our house looked like a tornado from all the crates and book piles. But with a little large-family man-power, we got everything back in tip-top shape and were still able to get that date in. It was really great and super enjoyable. We went to my new favorite restaurant. A really nice fish house. 

Oh, and by the way, I started reading a great new book that I kind of put off reading because it just seemed a little too popular: Shepherding a Child’s Heart. Wow, I wish I would’ve bought it sooner. It is soooo good. As I read each sentence, I’m thinking-- I have to write this down. I want to absorb every word. It’s a book I wish every parent would read. 

And the most important news today is that it’s my little Tallulah’s first birthday. Seriously, she is too adorable. I will have to double post today just so I can do a birthday post for her as well. Happy Birthday Tallulah!!


Tesha Papik said...

Happy Birthday Tallulah you are adorable indeed!!!! I log shepherding a child's heart...it was one of the first Christian parenting books I read, we are doing it in printing group! Love you summer motto:)

Katie said...

LOVE that book! I probably should pull it out and read the highlights again.

Vivian said...

loving the post! Your little Tallulah is so cute!

FarmerGirl said...

I love that book too!