Friday, August 8, 2014

first break.

Since it’s football season and the boy’s have been getting their equipment, Jasper and River have developed a daily routine. When the gear comes out, Jasper grabs Ethan’s shoulder pads and River grabs his helmet.

It’s pretty funny since Jasper has a broken arm. Bruiser. River walks around the back yard and plays on the trampoline all while wearing a giant helmet with a binky in his mouth. And yes, you read that right: Jasper broke his arm. His humerus to be exact.

All he was doing was playing with Ruby on the swing set-- they would wind up the swing, then jump on it and spin around really fast. Unfortunately when he fell off, he fell the wrong way. With ten kids, my little people have fallen like that dozens of times and no one has broken a bone. I guess it would have to be my Jasper that would break the first bone.

He was so brave and strong. After going to the ER, he hasn’t needed or wanted any pain medicine. Within a few hours of coming home from the hospital, he started scaring me running around with his arm in a splint and sling. I have to tell him, “Hello! You can’t do that... you have a BROKEN ARM.”

When the cast doctor showed him the zillion colors to choose from for his cast, he opted for black. He truly is his Daddy’s son. [Chris’ favorite color is black.] The one thing Jasper loves about being injured is that I’ve been letting him sleep in my cozy red lazy-boy chair in my room. This makes him smile even bigger.

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STL inker said...

rough & tough boy there! so cute too...take it easy buddy!