Thursday, August 7, 2014

my talented ten year old.

Sophia is an amazing, creative kinda girl.

She decided that she wanted to have a ‘Frozen’ birthday and made sure it happened. She planned her whole 10th birthday party at the end of July because she wanted to.

First, she asked her dad to take her picture next to a life-size cardboard cutout of Olaf over at her dance studio so she could make her own homemade invitations. Second, she started cutting, designing and working on her invites. She had Ethan help her make the envelopes and in the end, she had awesome birthday invitations to send to cousins and friends for a day at the swim park.

It turned out to be a really fabulous party with pizza and special cupcakes in ice cream cones that she has asked me to make for past year’s birthdays. She loved her day and we finished it up at home with Daddy’s famous hamburgers.

We love Sophia and think she is one fantastic, talented, fiery little 10 year old.


STL inker said...

happy to see you had happy birthday Sophia...your a beautiful talented girl!

Jenni said...

Love that everyone has rosey cheeks from a sunny swim day!!