Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It’s that time of year (football season) and that time in a young man’s life when he begins to appreciate the flexing of his own muscles. I can clearly remember when I was growing up, my older brother calling my name so I would look and flexing his muscles at me to my shock and disgust. Or I would catch him in the mirror flexing. I don’t know which was worse.

Now, it seems, I am raising my brother. Parker spent July participating in summer conditioning and weightlifting for football. He started with a few “Hey Mom’s” followed by a quick flex to cutting the sleeves off his t-shirts for practice. Now he’s asking to cut the sleeves off another! I’ve created a monsta! Now his partner Jasper wants cut-off tees just like his big brother. Parker isn’t a vain boy, but just a typical young man his age. It’s pretty funny to watch.

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