Monday, August 11, 2014

what was our summer reading?

I love reading and I love seeing my kids read. Except when they are so absorbed in a good book that they can’t hear me call them a thousand times. 

I really got on it this Summer and did my research on some new Christian books for my kiddos. I can’t seem to keep fresh books in the house since they read through them, faster than I can purchase them. I guess that’s a good problem. 

This time I bought an overload and it’s kept them busy. I wanted to have books for all the different ages we have in our little big family. Even though Summer is almost over I wanted to share our Summer book ‘Stack’ and say that they were all winners.

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Nikki said...

I enjoyed seeing your summer reading pile! :) We have quite a few of those. We enjoyed Farmer Boy this summer too and Friday a trip to the farm where Almanzo Wilder grew up! :) Sooooo neat!!! It was neat to see where the happenings in THAT book took place and even see his old bedroom and one of the Maple trees mentioned in the book. :)