Friday, November 28, 2014

being home.

The kids are really happy our Christmas lights are up on the house. And to be honest, I love it too. When we came home from church Wednesday night, the kids wanted me to drive past our house just so they could ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the Christmas lights. I told Chris that I want the kids to grow up with wonderful memories of Christmas. Of love, joy, laughter, togetherness and most of all Jesus as the center. Not focused on gift receiving.

Believe it or not-- my Christmas cards are ready to be mailed out, all my kid’s presents have been bought and our outdoor Christmas lights have been hung. Never have I been so far ahead of schedule-- I can actually enjoy the holidays with my family instead of running around trying to get everything done. I am such a homebody and being at home with my family is my favorite place to be. Even with ten children, whenever Chris isn’t with us, I feel like something is missing. And I can honestly say that he’s said many-many times that he would rather be home with us. It’s always better when we are all together.

God has really given me my heart’s desire. It still amazes me. I have lots of reasons to celebrate Jesus this Christmas!

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