Saturday, November 29, 2014

new walkway.

Today I’m getting a new walkway to my front door. I loved what we had but....

Chris had put in flagstones that my Dad gave me some years ago. And we added pebbles too which I thought looked very cottage-y. But after a short time, the little ones felt they needed to kick and throw them into my garden beds. Not nice! So yesterday, I got a grand idea to create a new walkway. Well, to have Chris and the boys create a new walkway. One with concrete and flagstones. Which means no more dirt and pebbles. Which ultimately means cleaner shoes of ten kids trailing into my house. Whew! Just thinking about it makes me feel at peace.

So last night at 9pm, Chris and I were at Home Depot picking up bags of concrete. That would be 9-- 90 pound bags that I watched Chris load onto the cart then into the van. I guess he unloaded them around 6am this morning, but who knows-- I was asleep. I am 27 weeks pregnant, you know. I am so excited to see the final result. And did I mention that we took a trip to my favorite nursery? I bought several new plants. So the garden was cleaned up yesterday and new plants were added. I already cannot wait till Spring! It’s my favorite season.

And speaking of yesterday, Parker and Ethan were blessed by a Navy brother from Church named Joe who took them for their second Bow fishing trip. They had a great time spending the day out hunting. Being part of a church family brings such blessings!

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