Thursday, November 20, 2014

football. basketball. dance.

Everyone was really depressed when football ended-- Charlie took it especially hard. But with basketball starting already, there wasn’t a lot of time to dwell on it.

Parker’s basketball try-outs were last week Monday thru Saturday at his high school and he got a little nervous thinking about what would happen if he didn’t make the team. He’s been fortunate to be athletic and good at whatever he’s tried, but the doubts started coming into his mind.

On Monday, I took him over to the school (since he’s on an independent study program) to check the list on the gym door to see if he’d made the cut and... he made the team. We were so happy! And when he went to the first day of official practice, he loved it! The head coach is not a teacher at the high school, but a commander in the local police department for thirty years. Chris says he seems to be a real nice guy with the right values.

The girls are back in dance and this year is really exciting because, in addition to ballet, Pearl is taking a Jazz and Tap class as well as an Acrobatics class. And besides Sophia’s regular classes, she’s a teacher’s helper in a pre-ballet class. She loves it!! And the little girls seem to love her.

Everyone else is doing great and thankfully we seem to be on track with our school lessons. Whew! We are a train that seems to have been gaining momentum since school started... Though I personally am starting to slow down as my pregnancy progresses. But like I always tell people-- pregnancy is the easy part.


Tesha Papik said...

LOL your AMAZING! Pregnancy is the easy part??? I'm not convinced of that, of coarse mine have been hard and stressful so maybe thats why I feel that way. I would much rather deal with a newborn ALL night then deal with my bladder;/ Seriously your kids are so blessed to have a mommy with so much spunk:)!

Jo said...

I gotta agree with you on pregnancy being the easy part - our baby is 2 weeks old and has developed colic!! It's character building to say the least...