Wednesday, November 19, 2014

presents. christmas.

Our home is seeing a little bit of Christmas early.

Believe it or not, I finished my Christmas shopping for all the kids. Love Amazon! Although I love to do it-- it can be like a cloud hanging over me. Chris has the week off for Thanksgiving and I want to enjoy it without worrying about all the shopping I’ve got to do.

In the past, I’d waste a whole day or more during vacation or we’d be running around to all the stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas and it was so stressful. Not this year. Thank God!

I was even able to buy the kiddos all their presents from their Papou. Since he lives all the way in Massachusetts and sends us a check every year, I picked out some things the kids really wanted so that on Christmas morning they would be able to open their gift from Papou.

We just finished shopping for our Secret Santa gift as well. Each year the kids pull a name out of a hat and get to be a Secret Santa to another sibling. They think it’s a real fun thing to do.

Every day, the mailman and the UPS man have been dropping off boxes filled with presents. And they are all stacking up in my room even though Parker and I tried to condense them into fewer boxes. The kids are just dying to see what’s in the boxes-- they have an idea, but they’re not sure and it’s killing them. Of course, I remind them: Not until Christmas.

Oh-- Did I mention that my Christmas cards are done? And I can not wait to mail them out!! It was so easy this year (because of the card I chose-- I even had some of the pictures already done before I started... unbelievable).

We started singing Christmas songs during family worship and the girls blast Christmas CD’s in their room everyday. Christmas is now in full swing in this house.

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Tesha Papik said...

Your Amazing! I have sooooo much shopping to do:( We have already put our tree up and we decorated last night, it seems ridiculous but since we will be gone for Thanksgiving we wanted to come home to Christmas:) So we have been jamming to Christmas music also...the best time of the year!!!! As long I as don't lose my mind shopping;)