Tuesday, December 2, 2014

date night.

Last night Chris and I had one of our weekly date nights. We have really been doing this with more consistency. Sometimes we go to nicer places and sometimes it’s for a greasy chili burger and fries at a local joint. But nevertheless, both of us start looking forward to it once the week gets started.

Last night I was craving sushi or fried shrimp, but ended up at a local Mexican restaurant that a brother from the church recommended. He told Chris that they had the best tri-tip and... It was good! It reminded me of a couple of the places we’ve eaten at in Tucson.

Even though Chris and I are the kind of couple that will try any kinda food, we really haven’t been able to venture out to any new places as our family’s grown and date nights were few and far between due to a lack of reliable babysitters. So when we did get a chance to get out, we really treasured the opportunity and played it safe by going to restaurants we were already familiar with.

But now that we’ve been getting out almost every week, we’ve been willing to step out a little and try some new places.  It’s even better when it’s raining out. I absolutely love the rain!! It’s my favorite along with Spring time garden weather.

However, my last few dates have taken a strange turn where I ended the evening following my hubby through the Home Depot. I’m not exactly sure how this is happening. But I can say that I think I am a little over it. I think I’ll break it to him nicely.

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