Friday, December 12, 2014

our puppy story.

Just the other day I mentioned to Sophia that I thought our family was ready for a dog. My mind started considering a rabbit, a bird..... I was trying to avoid bringing a new puppy into the home since I have really enjoyed not having all the responsibilities that come along with a dog. Like sending kids into the back yard without worrying about dog mess. Not having a dog pee all over the grass where my kids roll around and lay. And all the other little things.

Yesterday, I went searching for a puppy on Craigslist not really with the intention of buying one, but just to see what I can’t have. We really love pit bulls! And for the time being, a medium to large dog is completely out of the question. Not to mention that most puppies for sale seem to be a little far away. Far enough to know that Chris wouldn’t travel to take a look at one since he isn’t particularly wanting a dog. In fact, he has been the one to just plainly say ‘no’. And that is always the final answer. I have learned that in situations involving soft, fuzzy things that may instantly sway one’s heart, he does know best! But then it happened-- a picture of a little puppy only twenty minutes away. Seems like almost everything is twenty minutes away from us so that got my attention.

Of course, I showed the kids and they all went berserk. We immediately started calling Chris in class and sent him a picture of the puppy. I jumped ahead and texted the owner and asked if she still had any puppies since there were only two little boys left. She replied that there was only one. And it turned out to be the same one we wanted from the picture.

We were excited, so me and the kids got together and prayed about it. When we were finally able to talk to Chris, he asked me if this was what I really wanted. That got me a little nervous because I knew that he was giving me the final decision. My littles haven’t really had a dog before since they were either too little or not even born yet when we had our last two pits. Our cat is pretty much a friendly, outdoor garden cat who lives on our front porch so she isn’t the same thing... My answer was ‘yes’. ‘Yes’ for the younger kids. And the best part was that they put together their saved up birthday money to buy him themselves. They were overly excited to do this.

We all piled in the van and went to bring him home. As soon as Chris and I saw him we knew he was the perfect addition for our family. So tiny. Healthy. Very friendly. Outgoing. And of course, cute!

Ruby has been begging us for a puppy for a very long time. She is our puppy fanatic and still wants a puppy she can have all to herself. River, on the other hand, just doesn’t like him and thinks we should take him back. The kid is not impressed with the puppy. Ugh! Tallulah screams when we won’t let her hold him.

Since the oldest three have already had pets they’ve named or been responsible for, I decided to let Charlie be this little pup’s main boss. After many many votes and revotes Charlie named him Buster. And Patriot for his middle name. Ha!

He had a great night and only woke up at 5am to cry. He loves our home and the constant attention he’s been receiving. Today Ethan built him a nice sized wooden puppy pen for him to be trained to use for the bathroom. So far so good.

Update: Buster is half Shih tzu (mom) & half Chihuahua (dad)


Thoughts for the day said...

One suggestion until he is a bit bigger I would crate him at night because they don't potty in their bed unless desperate, and it also curbs bad puppy behavior. Also when he goes outside a puppy treat works as an incentive, if he goes he gets a treat if he doesn't go no treat. Soon he will figure out the cause and effect and go any time you take him out. cute pup.

Tesha Papik said...

Oh he's so cute!!! What breed is he? said...

I think it is nice that your children adore the puppy so much. Kids & dogs can be adorable together. However, I would be reluctant leaving a dog in charge of any child. There really needs to be an adult or responsible teenager to supervise. You do not want to run the risk that the dog is mistaken for a toy. It would not be fair on the animal.

Pink Slippers said...

Half Shih tzu (mom) & Half Chihuahua (dad)