Saturday, December 13, 2014

what a beautiful day.

I’m really excited for Christmas break. I’m encouraged by a couple neat things that are happening. One of which is getting my 3 to 5 year old children’s church class ready for our Christmas service presentation. In the past, I’ve had some trouble getting them to sing with any kind of energy [I think it's because there’s not a lot of kids in the class so they end up being a little self-conscious]. But I did find out that they will gladly sing and sing loudly-- for donuts. Like so loud that their faces start contorting. All because I bring donuts to practice now. Ha! 
This morning the family went on outreach to invite our city to our special Christmas service. My kids love outreach. Just the mention of it and they all want to know if we’re all going. Serving Jesus as a family is such a blessing! I can’t even imagine what it will be like when they’re older. Parker the youth leader, my kids in the youth worship team, one of them leading worship, the people they will reach..... it’s amazing already how easily and willingly they evangelize to just about anyone now. Over time, we’ve really begun to see how blessed our kids are growing up in the church and through the opportunities that arise by being faithful to serve.
The other day, Pearl told me that she was going to get a job at Hobby Lobby and that when she’s married she wants her job to be working in the 3 to 5 year old Children’s Church class while her husband preaches. And that teaching kids that age is her favorite because of the crafts she’ll be able to do with them. Bless her heart. It’s the same class I teach. 

On a side note, in regards to home schooling-- Ethan just announced yesterday that we are half way through the school year. Praise God! I guess that’s one of the benefits of starting the 3rd week in August. I have to admit that being this far along in my pregnancy, I’m really beginning to feel it, so when Chris even mentioned that maybe I should take a three week Christmas break instead of just two weeks. I felt a little lift in my heart. Sounds really nice to me! I’m sure my wonderful little students wouldn’t complain if I asked them what they think. Ha! 

Oh! And as far as my pregnancy goes: I am S-L-O-W-I-N-G down and seem to be fighting a little cold. But that hasn’t stopped me from nesting. Which really means organizing my attic. I’m 29 weeks today! Can’t wait for Monday’s ultrasound. 

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A Romantic Porch said...

I haven't gotten to visit blogs much in 2014, but I think of you often and love your family tho I don't know you.I might have mentioNed in the past that I am number 10 of 10. My dad was a pastor and my 5 brothers are all ordained ministers and two sisters married ministers. When you said in your blog post that your children loved out reach, I just wanted to tell you this and hopefully you feel encouragement from it.