Thursday, January 29, 2015

lots of coaxing.

I found a little home secret on the internet a few months ago: Using Listerine for the hair. Yes-- I am referring to the mouthwash and spraying your hair with it and letting it sit for a while. After we used it...Wow! The girl’s and my hair were so CLEAN and SOFT. 
Talking to one of the older women at church, I learned about all these household items they used back in the day for cleaning the house, body care, etc..... 
Well, Daddy likes to use gel in his hair and, my-oh-my, the gel can get built up even though he washes it. So I told the kiddos the other morning that I was going to get Daddy to let me try the Listerine in his hair to get that gel junk out. They didn’t believe I could do it. (What they really didn’t believe was that Daddy would let me.) And by nine o’clock, after lots of coaxing, he relented and let me soak his dark hair. Ha! 
Just to be funny, I dared him to go pick Parker up at basketball practice wearing his special head gear. I knew that Parker would be so embarrassed, especially if some of his teammates were to see, and yet he’d get a good laugh out of it. When they got home, we had a good laugh since there’s been times where Parker’s offered kids rides without telling us in advance... Thankfully (for Parker!) no one did this night. Ha!


Tesha Papik said...

LOL thats funny:) I can't believe he let you put in on your blog!

jmckemie said...

Ok - I was interested so looked this up. Just wondering if you useit straight or diluted it? Also, some sites said to rinse it out, others said to just let it dry. What method have you found to work best?
Oh, and what did he think of how his hair felt afterwards? :)