Saturday, February 7, 2015


 Who sleeps like this?
River does. 
No matter how he goes to bed, this is the way River ends up.
He is the cutest and fuzziest little boy around.
My heart breaks for Mommies who have lost their little ones in their tummy or while growing up. Just thinking that during delivery, River had a knot in his cord and that it was wrapped around his torso still sends a chill down my spine. I am so amazed and thankful that he is here today. 
Tallulah has had the stomach flu the last few days and as I watched Chris rocking her feverish little body the other night, I told him that there are parents out there who have seriously sick children and that this is their life everyday. 
As we pray for our children before their many games and events, Chris and I thank God that our children are healthy and are even able to play and participate in whatever thing they want to do. 

I never go a day without thinking that we are so very fortunate and blessed with healthy children.


Tesha Papik said...

Well you know River has a soft spot in my heart, I think he is the most adorable boy in all the world, besides my own;) I am so happy that God protected him that delivery day and that he protects all our kids daily. It used to weight on me that he did not protect Jonathan or that I didn't. BUT now I know that his plan was his protection and I will have eternity to love on my missing boy. Truly not a day goes by that I do not imagine him here and think about him, a mothers love runs profoundly deep. I do hope I get to see him as a little boy in Heaven...who really knows how that all works but I believe God knows my hearts desire.

Yesterday at parenting group we started talking about children that have cancer and how the lives of those family are so drastically changed. I think all the time about moms that have cancer and can not take care of their children. We are truly blessed to be a able to live and breath, to be healthy and enjoy life with healthy children. It really does put everything into perspective.

Pink Slippers said...

so well said!

Paula Petek said...

you are so blessed....I SLEEP EXACTLY LIKE RIVER.....every morning....without fail...I wake up with my arms exactly like have a kinship with him....I wish I could have children with my husband...I was too old when we married...but he is much like of God's I count my blessings...