Friday, February 6, 2015

game on.

At the end of this month, Chris will sign up Ethan, Charlie and Lincoln for tackle football. The boys have been really excited for the upcoming football conditioning. Except Lincoln. 
At first he really wanted to play football with the big boys when he got into second grade, and then suddenly he didn’t for no particular reason. 
On one hand, I felt bad thinking that he shouldn’t have to play if he doesn’t want to, but on the other hand knowing him well enough that if he gave it a chance, he would just love it after the first day of practice. I was torn. 
The boys started doing push ups and pull ups as their off-season workouts-- they’re also really into who’s got the biggest muscles. Of course. 
In addition, the boys have been playing a lot of catch with the football to help Charlie who’s going to try out for QB next season as well as to teach Lincoln how to catch. I was hoping Lincoln would begin to come around but he didn’t budge. He didn’t want to play. 
Then one rainy day, Chris and I went shopping and ended up at the Nike Outlet where I found some cool football cleats for $15. I was shocked-- SO we bought them. 
When we brought them home, Lincoln’s face lit up and he instantly put them on wanting to practice his football moves in the back yard. We told him he had to wait till football season. This happened daily for about a week.  
Also, I bought him a Panthers flat hat (Since I had to buy Ethan another one for accidentally ruining his in the wash, I figured I’d buy Lincoln one as well... hey, it was on sale). 
What does this all mean? Lincoln is now pumped to play on the Panther football team with the big boys.

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Colton's Mommy said...

Don't you worry about head injuries with the boys playing tackle football so young? My son is 6 and LOVES football. Thankfully the rec department here has flag football until the boys are 10. He wants to go to college and play football, but I will not let him play tackle until he is at least 12 or 13.