Monday, February 23, 2015

he's almost here.

I had my 39 week baby appointment this afternoon. All is well-- the minute I saw my Doctor, I told him that I was able to hold off delivery until he got back from his vacation. Ha! 

I’m now at 2cm. Chris thinks my Doctor said that I have 60 to 70% more thinning out to do. However, I am sure that he said that I am thinned out 60 to 70%. But we both agree we heard him say I’m ‘favorable’ now. Whatever all that means... 

He gave Chris some pointers on delivering the baby just in case we have a reenactment of River’s birth (click here to read River's birth) and don’t make it to the hospital in time. His main suggestion was don’t let the baby shoot out. Guide his head and control his delivery. 

I have been telling Chris that even though he’s seen nine births that he really doesn’t know what to do? But being the typical guy that he is, he just smiled that “Don’t worry, I got this” smile. Gosh, isn’t there some Biblical warning against being overconfident? But then again, isn’t that why I married him? 

By the time we left the examination room, the front office was scheduling me to be induced at 9am on Thursday. The funny thing is that I hadn’t really decided that for sure, but my Doctor will be on call that day from 7am till Friday 7am. As he (the Doctor) left, his words were essentially-- Looking forward to it and, I quote, “It’ll be fun.” Fun? I don’t recall giving birth fun. Well, Pearl and Lincoln’s birth was pretty close to what might be considered fun, I guess. I’ve been praying consistently for God to give me a delivery like those two. 
On another note: I have been bent on finding the ‘perfect’ car seat... Because I’m obsessed with car seats (used to be strollers also). I made Chris take a few trips  with me looking for ‘the one’. It had to be Graco (because for the most price it is the lightest in weight) and mostly black. I could not find one I liked. I finally settled on one that almost fit my specifications. 

Until suddenly, just last week, Graco came out with a new one that is only sold online. I quickly had Chris take me back to Babies R Us to return the one I bought and of course, order the new one I love. It’s perfect and if, by some chance, we happen to have another baby and it’s a girl, even she can use it too. Love the red and black! 
This past 48 hours, I have been unusually tired. I literally slept the first half of today and all day yesterday. I don’t think I’ve done that in any of my other pregnancies. But I hope that just means I’ll be well rested for the birth and those nights of waking up every two hours. 
Pray for me that I don’t lose my mind over thinking about the pain of delivery. God always has grace on me and blesses me in amazing ways that I don’t deserve. I know He will do it again with baby # 11.


Tesha Papik said...

Oh my goodness I am so excited!!!! Just a couple of days to go! I can't wait to see his little face and finally know what his name is. I will be in constant prayer for you Chris and baby boy!!! Yeaaaa!!!!!

Kathy said...

Love the car seat! I'll be praying for you & I can't wait to hear that he's arrived!

Nikki said...

We too are looking forward to hearing that he is here. :) I like your car seat too.
We have ten more weeks till our # 11 is born. Time is flying. Praying that all goes well with your birth.

Vivian said...

praying for God to provide you with a quick and easy delivery.
can't wait to see his little face and to know his name!

Tami Lewis said...

You have been on my mind so much these past few days. Praying for you! God is good!