Tuesday, February 24, 2015

the waiting game.

On Saturday, Chris and I picked up Sophia and Pearl from dance class (make up classes) and took them to Target to buy those last minute items that I have to have when the new baby comes home. 
But I kept forgetting one of the most important items (nursing pads) and since Chris had to go to Home Depot which is just across the way, I figured we’d take care of it all at once. 
Since I was having a lot of pregnancy pains, the girls and I bought a few snacks and sat and talked while Daddy did the shopping for me/us. We never get snacks like that from the store so it was kinda special and I loved just hanging out with my girls doing nothing, but talking and waiting for Daddy. 
I love that it’s so different from hanging out with my boys (even though both are extra special in their own ways). I really praise God for all four of my girls! 
Today, the kids and I piled in the van and took care of some important things that I had to get done. Because after baby comes, there ain’t nothing going on. 
Parker needed some school forms filled out and track clothes paid for. There were three sport physical forms to take to the boy’s doctor so they’d have their paperwork ready for football, which  Lincoln loves. We made a trip to the sporting goods store for replacement spikes for Parker’s track shoes. In the past week, he spiked himself and tore his running shoes practicing the high jump. Ugh! I picked up a new wallet since mine broke, a charger for the van since the old one doesn’t work on Chris’ phone and I bought a pretty nail polish I’ve really been wanting to buy. I will be using that one tomorrow when I get my “mandatory” hospital delivery manicure and pedicure. Ha!
On a less mundane note, while Chris packed his hospital bag (I can’t believe he actually did it-- he usually waits until we are literally out the door. Maybe he has changed... No.), we had a discussion on what he should wear, specifically what hat he should wear in the delivery room. 
Sophia remembered which hats and jackets he’s worn with our other babies at the hospital. She is so funny! Here I am, getting ready to have a baby and suddenly we all begin voting and discussing what hat Chris should wear. Are you kidding? Too much!
By the way, we were all treated to Shamrock shakes before dinner tonight. I will enjoy it while it lasts.  


kristine barr said...

Love your descriptions of the "waiting game". Since I'm in my seventies, this won't be happening to me. Hoping and praying the delivery goes smoothly and without too much pain. Also hoping and praying the baby is healthy and nurses and bonds well.

Tami Lewis said...

So excited for you.!!

Jo said...

Hi!! I'm wishing you all the best and saying some prayers for you - what an exciting time!! I'll be thinking of you over the next few days <3